Free Local events and activities in and around Macomb County for the whole family to enjoy

March 8, 2018

There is no need to burn a hole in your wallet every time you want to enjoy a day out with the family.  It is true, some of the best fun is free!  It's as simple as looking up free events in your area online, or just going out and enjoying nature.  Also, always remember to be alert when you are out and about at stores, schools, libraries, etc., to fliers or posters advertising upcoming events, you may find a lot of them are free.  There is nothing like teaching the children to appreciate nature, and what better way then to take a stroll or bike ride down a path in local parks or civic center.  To make it more interesting and engaging, come up with games to play along the way such as I Spy or a scavenger hunt.  Let them take pictures of wildlife or plants with your phone, and help them look what they found on the internet or at the library after to discover facts about what they found.  Bring snacks or even a picnic.  And you will always win them over once they find a playscape!  Another great way to learn about nature is taking the family to a nature center, such as the Sterling Height's Nature center where unlike the parks you don't have to pay admission to a park.  They also have free events all year round.  The hidden gem a lot overlook nowadays is the local library.  What is more exciting them a child receiving their very own library card, for it gives them a responsibility and power they don't think they can obtain until adulthood.  Instead of taking them to a book store where simple children's books run from six to fourteen dollars, they can check out endless books, movies, cd's, board and video games, and more for free!   They even offer to rent out video game consoles and movie projectors and screens!  You can find the same new released movies at the library for free that just came out pricey in the stores and streaming services.  Pop some popcorn and you have a free movie night at home.  You could spend hours with your child(ren) reading, playing games on their computers, playing with their toys, or visiting their used book store, if they have one, where your child can buy a book for less than a dollar sometimes.  Also, the library sends out a newsletter with all of their upcoming events, or you may find this on their website.  For example, the Clinton-Macomb Public Library in Clinton Township, several days a week host free or low cost events for all ages such as story time, art and craft projects, Lego building competitions, pajama night, movies in their theater, and presentations and performances such as magicians, puppeteers, and scientists performing science experiments.  Check out each city's Civic Center for free activities or events.  During the summer the Warren Civic Center has a giant fountain out front families can play in.  You may also take your children to play in the fountains during the summer at Partridge Creek Mall for free.  There are several locations, one is the Clinton Township Civic Center, where every week they host an outdoor movie night with a live concert, bounce houses, lawn games, and more beforehand.  During the year there are several festivals in the area you may enjoy free of cost, such as Clinton Township's The Festival of the Senses, and mini carnival and fire works around the Fourth of July.  You can even take your children fishing in their pond for free to four dollars at their fishing derby.  During the snowy winter months, don't forget about the large snow hills available for free fun, found at some Civic Centers as well.  Another fun and educational place is the museum.  While there can be some pricey admission fees at museums, there are some that still allow free admission.  The Cranbook Science Museum offers free admission the first Friday of every month from 5pm -10pm, including the observatory to look into space through their telescope.   The Detroit Institute of Arts has free admission for those living in the tri-county area.  Certain MJR movie theaters a couple of times during the year have a free movie event every weekend throughout the month, where admission for children are free and adults are one dollar.  Throughout the year, Bass Pro Shops host free events and activities in their stores, such as summer outdoor learning classes for kids, crafts, games, fishing event, and free picture with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Charlie Brown and other games, crafts, and actives during the holiday seasons.  There is no need to pay an outrageous fee at the mall or other stores for a picture when you can visit here, and also do free crafts and games.  During holiday times, there are many free festivities from Christmas tree lighting ceremonies to harvest fests to trick-or-treating at the civic centers, libraries, parks, and stores.  Even Kroger has free trick-or-treating at Halloween.  There are so many unexpected hidden free gems around, you just have to remember to research and pay attention to discover them.  The whole family will appreciate all of the fun and learning they are experiencing, and you will enjoy saving those dollars in your wallet, but most of all their smiles and free memories.