Benefits of a good inspector Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 13, 2017

The Benefits of a good inspector are too many to list in a single post. I will however highlight what happens when you have a good one, and what could have happened if the inspector was not so honest. I recently had the chance to go to an inspection with a client who was also a first time home buyer. But let me back up a bit to give some insight into how we got to this point. The client had a very particular area that she would like to purchase her first home. The area she was looking is an up and coming area with a lot of young singles and couples relocating to because of the art and emerging downtown scene. The client knew going in that because of the increasing demand in the area, that looking for a house in a desirable area at a good price was going to take diligence and a bit of luck. After narrowing down on a neighborhood that checked all of the clients boxes, we started our search. After looking at about fifteen houses, the client always had a house we looked at early on in the back of her mind. We took a second look and the client wanted her parents to come take a look on a third visit. This was the winner. The house she was going to buy, fix up and make her own! After some stealthy negotiating the house was hers. We just needed to get an inspection done and then the fun parts could start. Being that this home was a forclosure and needed a bit of work, the client decided to purchase the home with a FHA 203k loan. This would allow her to finance the cost of repairs and do any construction that she a point. Because of the 203k guidelines, the inspections are a little more indepth and the move in requirements MUCH stricter. We had a 203k consultant recommended by a lender friend because of his honesty. Did that ever pay off. So I picked the client up from work(yes impeccable service) and we headed to the house. The inspector met us there and instantly I could tell from being around inspectors before he knew what he was doing. Within a minute he was on all fours crawling into the narrow crawl space opening. We then went inside after numerous pictures were taken of things outside. THe water damage we knew was present and did not know the extent of presented itself to our hero inspector. He was polite and honest when asking the client what her expectations were, and what budget she wanted to stick to for repairs. After jotting this info down, he proceeded to look around for a few minutes. Instead of just talking at the client, he sat her down, just for a moment to show her some of his findings, and let her browse the camera he had been using. He showed her the standing water in the crawl space that had gathered just in the last two days rain. He showed her the mold on the floor supports and explained that the water damage we all seen and wrote off as pretty common for this price range and area was much, much worse than expected. With the client upset he told her that the damage would have doubled or tripled her budget, and that if she asked him honestly he would say walk away. There were too many UN-answered questions that could not be resolved until demo. He was perfectly honest, caringand thourough. Oh and he would not accept any payment, even though he traveled 45 minutes to the house. He only asked if the client and myself would consider using him again for inspections. So even though the client had to pass on her dream house, the inspector saved her from a sure nightmare. We all walked out of the house smarter. I met a new consultant I have total faith in, the client walked away with her sanity and savings intact, and the inspector won himself more business from this Realtor!