Looking at houses in all weather, and why rain isn't such a bad thing! Saturday, April 02, 2016

March 13, 2017

If today's weather in Michigan reminded us of anything, it should be that Michigan weather is very unpredictable. When it is sunny and warm outside everything seems perfect. But when the weather turns nasty, thunderstorms, rain and tornado like winds it might seem best to stay inside curled up with a good book and not venture out to run errands or look at houses with your Realtor. Forgetting all common sense, this might be the best time to go house hunting. Think about it for a moment. When is the better time to find out that the wall you plan to hang your big screen on leaks, before you move in or after. How about the basement that looked AMAZING and perfect and delightful on that perfect weather day the listing agent took the photo! Wouldn't it be a bummer to just assume that the basement in the picture is exactly how it will look after a few days of hard rain, only to find out that you could actually fish off your basement steps with the lightest sprinkle. This is why you need to look at houses in all weather. Leaky roofs, flooding basements, surprise ponds in the yards are all issues that could, not always, but could be spotted if you look at the houses in inclement weather. The same goes for windows or door-walls that let in too much light or not enough during the day. Sure most of these things can be fixed and some might not be that expensive, but again, wouldn't you rather know all of this before moving your costly antiques or prized sports memorabilia into the house? The point of this is, there is always a perfect time to do things, but life isn't perfect! Go out, find your dream home no matter who might think your crazy for house hunting in a category 15 hurricane, because once that house is yours YOU will be the one responsible for the repairs and upkeep! Happy Househunting