How simple landscaping can increase your homes value-Things to do in Spring! Monday, April 04, 2016

March 13, 2017

Everyone has heard the term curb appeal before. What this means is the first impression friends and family, or potential buyers get when pulling up to your home. This could make a or break a sale, or lead to snickering behind your back by those thoughtful people you invited over. Fret not because there are simple things you can do to increase your curb appeal and even increase the value of your house! By doing some or all of these fairly easy DIY projects your yard will be the envy of the block, and show anybody looking that you take great pride in your home...Even if these tips projects don't break the bank or consume all of your time.

Flower Bed-One thing me and my wife always noticed is how much nicer our flower beds looked at the beginning of summer when we replaced the warn out mulch with fresh deep colored mulch. Not only does this look fantastic and make your brightly colored flowers pop, but it is a pretty cheap fix!

Ambiance- Buyers and guests wont only come to your house during daylight hours so why not draw more attention to all the hard work you have been doing during the day? Adding lamp post, or simply changing out burned out or dim bulbs can make a huge difference. Adding lighting to walkways and porches create an inviting atmosphere as well as adding safety to people walking up to the door!

Trees- If your front or back yard look empty and you cant put a finger on it, try planting trees. A gorgeous flowering tree adds so much depth to the yard and can add shade to the yard and home during peak sunlight. Trees in the backyard are great additions to give kids something to swing from and climb, and really make the yard look complete. Homeowners love the look of healthy trees and they can add very real value to your home.

Porches- Everyone has visions of what they think is the perfect front porch. I can almost guarantee that this image never includes a slab of empty concrete with no usefulness. Add a small table and chairs, a bench or even a swing to sit and enjoy. This makes the house much more welcoming and cozy.Potted plants and flowers on the porch also add real depth.

Plants- Besides having beautiful flowers in the beds, bushes and shrubs(as long as they are maintained) are a classic look that adds charm and sophistication to an otherwise bare yard.

These little tips can completely transform your yard from run of the mill, to truly spectacular and add tremendous curb appeal and value. All it takes is separating your house from the ones all around it, and a well maintained, tastefully done yard will do just that!