International Dark Sky Week Hits Michigan. Break out those telescopes and Sextants! Tuesday, April 05, 2016

March 13, 2017

April 4th-10th this year is Dark Sky Week. What this means is that for one week 20 Michigan State Parks are extending their evening hours to allow families and astronomers of all ages to gaze up into the night time sky. This is a great time of the year to find your favorite constellation and kids and adults alike will enjoy this relaxing hobby. The Department of Natural Resources said that the parks will stay open late for self-guided stargazing tours. They recommend calling ahead and brink warm clothes and blankets. Of course, this would be a good time to dust of the telescope you received for Christmas as a kid. The following parks are participating in the extended hours . The phone number to the park is listed also.

    Bay City Recreational Area-(989)684-3020

    Fayette Historic State Park*- (906)644-2603

    Hartwick Pines State Park- (989)348-7068

    Lake Hudson Recreational Area- (517)445-2265

    Maybury State Park- (248)349-8390

    Metamora-Hadley Recreational Area- (810)797-4439

    Negwegon State Park- (989)724-5126

    North Higgins Lake State Park- (989)821-6125

    Orchard Beach State Park- (231)723-7422

    Hoeft State Park- (989)734-2543

    Port Crescent State Park- (989)738-8663

    Rifle River Recreation Area- (989)473-2258

    Rockport State Recreation Area- (989)734-2543

    Seven Lakes State Park- (248)634-7271

    Sleepy Hollow State Park- (517)651-6217

    Tahquamenon Falls State Park- (906)492-2415

    Tawas Point State Park- (989)362-5041

    Van Riper State Park -(909)339-4461

    Waterloo State Recreation Area- (734)475-8307    

*Our family visited Fayette this past summer and it was a fantastic park.

Take advantage of this wonderful week of discovery, and get outside! The weather will be crisp but the skies should be clear. Enjoy the memories that you make and feel free to send me some of the pictures you captured of the beautiful Michigan night sky.