Is bigger always better? Thursday, April 07, 2016

March 13, 2017

Today I was talking with a friend of mine that works at the same agency I do. We have known each other for a while, moving up through the ranks of the banking world before we both decided to transition to real estate. He made the move before me as my banking ambitions lasting longer than his. We started our daily motivation call, yes we talk every day and motivate each other, and the call started like normal. What is in our pipelines, what do we expect to close soon and what issues came up the day before. Well he has been on a little bit of a hot streak lately and as it turned out, the problem he ran into had absolutely nothing to do with him or his client. You see we both work for a great broker than empowers us and helps in any way he can. It is this personal attention and guidance that has kept his office smaller, more intimate. We focus more on nurturing relationships and gaining referrals than churning out clients and moving on to the next. Now one way is not better than the next, both help clients with their particular needs, our personalities both just happened to fit this relaxed help each other out type of environment. His client had him place an offer on a home they loved, in a very desirable neighborhood at a great price. My buddy knew this was going to be a fast deal, whether the offer was excepted or rejected, the house would sell fast. Well the offer was excepted! Hooray, on to closing right? Not so fast, the seller had employed a broker that is very well known from his radio spots, T.V. commercial and seemingly endless advertising budget. The one downside to this mega brokerage is actually what makes them so profitable and appealing to clients. They seem to have a listing on every street, and the homes do in fact sell, but how smooth is the process? With our smaller operation, each agent handles the client like they are the most important, with emphasis on getting the deals done in a timely matter and making sure everything is smooth. My friend has been waiting three days, for certain documents that take mere minutes to fax over, and has left numerous messages with the BIG GUYS only to have no response. They are simply to busy, and they will get to the tasks when it is convenient for them to do so. Again, the end result is the same, the house was sold at a price the seller was happy with, but what about the buyer? The buyer now thinks they aren't very important and are pushed down the waiting list. A little faster follow through would put the buyer at ease and let them feel that the money they are spending is important and keep delays at a minimum. There are always issues that arise in deals, so why make more by simply not performing your duties as efficiently as possible? This has made me think about what really matters to a client. Saying you worked with a local celebrity to sell or buy a home, or give business to the smaller company that does everything in its power to accomplish the clients goals in the best way for them. There is always a choice and real estate is no different, it just all depends on what is most important to you.