If you are ready to sell your home, avoid these buyer turnoffs! Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March 13, 2017

Yesterday I wrote about what Realtors across the country have highlighted as some of the features that buyers like to see when house hunting. Today I will go over a few of the things that go a long way to hinder any offers on a home.This is by no means an exhaustive list and after reading it I would love some comments on what things you have seen while viewing homes that instantly killed your mojo! Comment below or on Facebook. Now on to the list, enjoy!

    Dirt- According to agents, nothing can ruin a sale or turnoff a potential buyer faster than a dirty house. Kitchens with dirty dishes, floors that are filthy, carpets with leftover Chinese food ground in. If you want the buyers to hang around long enough to see the charm, the house should be in the absolute best condition possible.

    Hoarding- Too much clutter in the house can make otherwise large rooms(a good feature!) look cramped and dirty. Closets that are packed to the brim, make them appear much smaller and wont allow clients who have outgrown their current home any confidence this house with be any better.

    Curb appeal- Another article I wrote touched on how important curb appeal is for price. What that article was assuming though was that the home still looked good, and just offered tips to maximize profit. On the other end of the spectrum is the house that looks like its been abandoned for years. If the yard isn't maintained, leaves not racked, and Fidos "presents" left all over, the client might assume the interior of the house is just as bad, and not even make it inside before saying NEXT!

    Annoying seller- This made me laugh, but ranked pretty high on the list of things buyers absolutely hated. Sellers that remain at the home for showings to offer their knowledge on everything fantabulous about their one of a kind masterpiece. Buyers want to look around at their own pace, and only look at what THEY find important. The consensus is its annoying, and that only 1 out of 10 sellers actually help the client. So that means by hanging around, no matter how good your intentions are, you have a 90% of killing the deal. Those are good enough odds to steer clear.

    Personal Items- This one is touchy for many people. Numbers on the other hand do not lie, and this is an example of numbers telling home owners that if you want the house to sell, limit the personal items. Pictures, little league trophies, and even that fiesta green color sprinkled throughout the house is not good for potential buyers. Instead of seeing themselves in the house, they are distracted by your family. Suddenly you're selling your family, and you're not selling your home.

    Wallpaper- As nice as wallpaper may look, and some do look great, this is another item that is just for you. As paint colors change with each new homeowner, so do wall coverings. Buyers look at wallpaper as a huge hassle to remove, and too personal to keep. Do yourself a favor before listing, and remove the wallpaper.

    Odors from food, pets and smoking- Buyers don't want to detect by smell what you had for dinner, or what kind of pet you have right upon entering the house. Most people become accustomed to the smell of dogs and cats, but to clients who aren't pet owners will notice it right away. As big of a pain as it is, if possible, pets should not be left in the home at all during showings nor should their beds, dishes etc. This isn't always possible, but should be avoided if it is. As tough as it is to remember, not everyone is as wild about animals, or aromatic foods as you and your family:)

Just remember to not take any suggestions from your Realtor personally, you have to understand that the idea is to market your home to appeal to the largest number of people. The Realtors works for you, and is trying to get you the best offer!