Macomb County real estate is heating up! Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 13, 2017

You and your client pull up to a house they chose to look at after seeing pictures online and it looks great. What is even better is that you are the only ones here! What a relief, you can walk through at your leisure and go over every detail on why this may or may not be the right home. All of a sudden you see a car pull up to the house, you check your time and make sure you are in your scheduled window. Success, you still have 10 more minutes to look. Then almost instinctively you look again at the activity outside and realize quite the line has formed to see this house. You should have been tipped off to the fact the house would see a lot of interest by the fact that its been listed for about 7 hours and there is a healthy stack of business cards on the counter from agents that already showed it. You reassure your clients that this is normal and that when a home is priced right, and in good condition is warrants more interest than a home that has is overpriced and been on the market for months. This is the norm currently in Macomb County for homes meeting these criteria. Just in the past two months, I have many houses that have been priced well and are move in ready. Many of these houses have either sold the same day we looked, or shortly after. None of this is revolutionary information to agents, but to those of you looking for a first time home or an upgrade, keep in mind that if you think the house looks perfect, it checks all of your boxes, and the price is phenomenal, you are not, I repeat, you are NOT the only person to think so. This is when diligent house hunting and constantly lurking on listings will pay dividends. Your chances for success in finding that gem increase, when you can see the house early on in the listing, and decide in a timely manner whether it is offer worthy. By no means does this mean place offers on anything and everything that COULD be the one, and an agent that is looking out for you wouldn't suggest this, but it does mean that if you find something you could not imagine someone else getting, act on that. When you walk out of a house and there is no doubt that this is the perfect house for you and your family, don't hesitate to make an offer you are comfortable with. There will always be more houses to look at and this is surely not the only one you could love, but thinking about there always being something better will keep your landlord happy, or keep you in a house you already considered leaving. If you are looking to sell in Macomb County and your house is in good shape with features many are looking for, good for you, if you price it well you shouldn't have any issues selling. If you are buying, make timely smart decisions and you could land the home of your dreams! Good luck and happy house-hunting!