How your Realtor and Social Media can get your house sold! Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March 13, 2017

Selling your house use to be as simple as hiring a real estate agent and putting a sign in your yard. Things have definitely changed since those simpler times. Yes, you still hire a real estate agent or Realtor and they do still put the sign in your yard. These days though even the yard signs are more advanced. Signs now do not just list the agents name and number, they often include the agents website for the potential buyer to gather more information, email addresses to contact the listing agent, and even QR codes to scan with your smartphone. Simple changes in technology have made a huge difference. Instead of placing a teeny tiny black and white photo of your house in the Sunday paper, your agent has millions of ways to get your home marketed and sold! First and foremost your agent with enter your listing on one or more MLS sites. This will get your home and the beautiful photos they surely took into view of thousands of agents, who will email this listing to any and all clients they know that might be interested.  After this your agent will turn to social media. They will post pictures and descriptions on their real estate Facebook page, spreading the word even further to people that might not be working with an agent or even actively looking for a house. This works because the person who sees this listing might know someone who is looking to move and give them the heads up. Your agent will possibly create a link of your listing and post it on Twitter. These quick little ads are seen by thousands of people and with one click of the mouse can be forwarded, liked, and commented on. The agent might take a few of the best photos and pin them to their Pinterest board, where again people can browse and look at your home. All of these ways to get your house in front of people who could be interested are fantastic. They engage people who may not be looking, or know someone who is looking and put your listing front and center. It is like that newspaper ad from days past on steroids.  When you think of how much time you and your family spend online, on social media in particular, think about how impactful it is to have your newly listed house pop up on all these websites! When interviewing agents to list your pride and joy, ask them what ways they will market your home and make sure they are savvy enough to include these avenues to get your house sold!