What would you do with an extra $6,000? Wednesday, April 27, 2016

March 13, 2017

What would you do if somebody sent you an email saying they could save you more than $6,000? Probably be a little skeptical right? Well that exact situation happened to me, but I was the one sending the email. Being in real estate, one of my daily tasks is to update clients, prospects, lenders, other agents etc. via email about whatever the topic of the day is. Well this particular day, I happened to start the day at 6:00am after getting home from the gym. Instead of jumping right into the normal morning routine, I figured I would brush up on recent changes to some mortgage products. When I started reading a light bulb went off. I knew someobody who this one particular change would benefit and benefit big. Luckily when I started real estate full time, I took organization seriously because working at home I knew it would be easy to get lazy. So I looked through my client list. I have a spreadsheet with clients broken down in to 3 different categories. Buyers, sellers and prospects. Included with the name is email address, phone number and any other pertinent information to help me recall at a later date how I might be able to help. I looked at my list and found the person I was looking for. This particular client had responded to one of my door to door postcard campaigns. This client was renting the house I dropped the postcard off at and was waiting until October to buy a house. Mind you it was February when I left the postcard for him and he called. I ended up meeting him the next day to discuss some options with him. He said he had spoken with a family member who was a real estate agent and was told to wait until October because of a foreclosure in his past. I did my best to still answer any questions and provided my business card even though he was "working with someone". He had previously given me his email address and phone number when we set up our first consultation, so I knew I had to let him know about the change. Isent him an email letting him know that this change could affect him and possibly eliminate the need to re-sign a 6 month lease and get him a mortgage pre-approval. About 3 hours later I got a phone call from him. He was very skeptical about the info I laid out in the email. He asked me how I would know this and why I would let him know, if his family member who has been an agent for 30 years didn't mention it. Trying to come up with as diplomatic response as I could on the spot, I said "I am sure he has a lot of clients hes helping, so he might not have gotten around to it yet", wich we both knew wasn't true. I gave him the number of a friend who is a Loan officer and said give him a call and see what he says, if nothing good comes from it you haven't lost anything. Within an hour, during an inspection I was at with other clients my friend the loan officer called and said "hey, just wanted to tell you I got the gentlemans pre-approval and he's good to go" ! The client was so happy that he was now in control of his home situation and can save the rent payment of over $1,000/month and apply those funds to a home he would own! One email. That's all it took to save a man and his family $6,000 and earn their trust. They are I am happy to say my clients now and we will be looking for their next house together!