The importance of not burning bridges in real estate Sunday, May 01, 2016

March 13, 2017

Everyone knows the old saying of not burning bridges, well this is especially true in real estate. It is always good karma to treat everyone better than they might deserve and in sales this could literally make or break your career. I have always had the philosophy that being in sales you need to treat everyone equal, and treat them great. This doesn't mean to treat your potential client great just while pitching a sale or following up on a closed deal. I try to make sure that people I work with, clients I interact with and bosses I have had never have a reason to not recommend me. You never, and I mean never know when somebody you have never met will ask a friend or family member to refer someone they trust will do right by them. Being in sales for the better part of 17 years I have met too many people to remember and sold more products than I could count, but I have always taken great pride in doing what is best for the client. This has served me well in every sales job I have ever had. People seem to remember me and recommend their friends and family, and I am pretty sure it isn't because I have some sales gift or are super convincing. I would like to think it is because I treat them with respect and focus on what is most important to them and sell according to that. When I started contemplating leaving the banking industry and working full time commission again, I was nervous that my skills wouldn't translate. I was pleasantly surprised when clients from previous jobs began calling and asking for my help, commenting that I had helped them with buying appliances years earlier, or helped them as a bank manager more recently. There is no better feeling to me personally than when a former colleague calls out of the blue to say, "Hey Steve, I have someone sitting at my desk that is filling out a mortgage application and I told them I knew someone who could help them find a house". That is such a compliment that makes me strive to continue the best customer service I possibly can. You never know when someone will be asked the question, "Do you have anyone you could recommend for....?", and it is at that moment when the trustworthy, friendly and professional people will get that referral. Make sure to never leave business on the table by trying to over sell now, because clients that follow you from career to career are the best clients you could want, loyal!