What do your clients want? Like really want? Thursday, May 12, 2016

March 13, 2017

To me, the most challenging part about the Realtor-client relationship is figuring out what types of homes and features they want. Like really want. Everybody has an idea of the exact type of home they want, and what high end features they love. The reality is that not everyone can afford the perfect house they seen in a magazine or driving through that trendy part of town. Things get interesting when you actually start showing the client homes. It can be both rewarding when you find the perfect house and their eyes light up, and disheartening when you thought you find a real diamond in the rough only to have them dismiss it quickly. There is one thing to remember though, this is going to be THEIR house, not yours. So don't get caught up in someone not loving YOUR idea of the perfect house for THEM! But get excited, thrilled, overjoyed when they do find the house the right house, on the right street, for the right price. When you aren't even to the door yet on your walk out, and the client says cancel the other showings we had scheduled I would like to make an offer, it is exciting.  You did your job, you presented a house that obviously fits what they were looking for, and you found that house in a price they could afford. Just recently I had a client that had a long list of must haves and deal breakers. To some this might be tricky, me, I love it. This helps me save time and eliminate showing homes that the buyer will have zero interest in, even if I think they're great. I scheduled a few different types of homes with various features that needed to be present. Some were hits, others were misses, but this helped me hone into what the client said was important, and what I could SEE was important. I scheduled more houses for the following day. This was only our second trip out, and the client gave me some suggested houses she had seen and wanted to look at. Always, always take the opportunity to show the houses the client already likes, or thinks they like. This is the house version of a warm lead in sales. I needed to fill some time slots on our showing tour so decided to throw in a few homes she hadn't seen or didn't express too much interest in. Some were 1st day on market, others had been listed for a while. But the reason I chose them was because of the reactions I had seen on our previous trip, and thought I knew what the client really liked. It paid off. After seeing the first house, which was the house the client most wanted to see, we left to go see the house I picked to show. We hadn't been inside the house for 2 minutes before the client asked "How much was is listed at again? What is the square footage again? What are the taxes?", I thought hmm this is either really good, or really bad. The client hadn't asked me anything about the others we had seen. After answering those questions, and walking around for another 1-2 minutes, the client said "Ok I have seen enough", oh I thought, on to the next, "This is it, right up the paperwork, I want to offer"! You just never know, the client loved the house, it was below her price range, had the features she liked and was in an area she hadn't looked at before. I took a chance on a house I thought the client would like, maybe helping me narrow down future options, and it turned into the last house we looked at, and the client is very happy!