You made it through the buying process, now what? Sunday, June 19, 2016

March 13, 2017

So you have successfully navigated yourself through the buying process. Congratulations! Now you get to do all the fun stuff that comes along with home ownership. After signing the papers and getting your keys at closing(or shortly after) you now have the license to create. Create your own masterpiece. Painting, decorating, demolition? Well hopefully not too much demolition, but you get the point. Everything before you got the keys was just the technical stuff, now you get to turn the house you bought into the home you dreamed of. If this is a first home, the freedom you will feel to do whatever you want and not have to worry what a landlord or apartment complex thinks will be unreal! If it isn't a first home, maybe an upgrade, or downsize, you will use your previous experiences in ownership to create your masterpiece. This is perhaps the funnest time period of owning a home. It is a blank slate for you to express yourself. Colors can be as bold or tame as you feel fit. Layouts and decorations are waiting for you to put your stamp on and show off to everyone who will be lucky enough to be invited in. This is a time for new beginnings, no matter the life stage or upcoming events! You might be thinking of your previous residence with fondness of great memories or major moments, or you might be thrilled to be out of a cramped apartment that no longer fit your life. Either way, moving can stir up a lot of emotions. I have seen both buyers and sellers cry at the closing table or final walk through, and the reasons are usually very different. With that in mind, enjoy this huge step in life, because a house doesn't stay new for long, and the things that seem fun and exciting now turn into chores and honey do tasks later! Have fun! You earned it!!