Hot weather means swimming. As a pool owner, brush up on pool safety and liabilty Sunday, June 19, 2016

March 13, 2017

 Michigan is heating up, not just the real estate market but the temperatures outside. This means more people will start enjoying their backyard pools with friends and family. While having a pool seems like a wonderful carefree addition to any backyard oasis, homeowners should know that there are certain risks and potential expenses involved with having a pool. Besides the regular maintenance and up keep costs associated with having a pool, there are safety concerns that need to be addressed for everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable. This list of things to keep in mind is by no means all inclusive, but can give you a good idea of some liability issues and precautions to take.

No matter what you have heard or been told before, the owner of the pool is the person responsible for providing a safe environment for both children and adults who use the pool, as well as for people who live near the pool. The homeowner is also responsible for being proactive in accident prevention. For some homeowners, this is a burden and responsibility that they do not want to shoulder, and sometimes why a homeowner chooses not to have a pool. However, for those that do, this list explains how homeowners can help reduce accident liability:

    Make sure that both children and adults use the pool supervised.

    Never allow the pool to be unattended if it is accessible.

    When done using the pool, clear out all pool toys so that children are not tempted by them.

    Require that guests supervise their children when visiting.

    Do not allow an intoxicated person to use the pool.

    Make sure that life saving devices are kept nearby and in good condition.

    Never rely on flotation devices to protect individuals using the pool from drowning.

    Make sure that the insurance policy you have on your home includes coverage for any possible accidents that could occur in regards to the pool. $1 million is the recommended minimum.

    Never rely on posted warning signs such as “Swim At Your Own Risk” or something similar to protect you against a lawsuit. If someone is injured or drowns in your pool, it's very possible that a claim will be filed against you, no matter what type of sign was posted

Pools can be a great way to enjoy your backyard and spend quality time as a family. As with anything else, taking extra precautions before the fun starts can allow for a much better time and reduce the stress for the homeowner!