Pricing a Home in Clinton Township from Both Sides Now

March 27, 2017

When it comes to the reality of pricing a home in ClintonTownship, it’s natural that buyer’s and seller’s points of view reflect theirdifferent roles and objective. In a way, they are mirror images of each another.

From the seller’s point of view, pricing their ClintonTownship home starts out from the reality check of the “comps”—the prices registeredin recent comparable neighborhood sales. From there, the pricing decisionrevolves around the tradeoff between maximum asking price versus the desire fora speedy sale. Even if there is no time pressure at all, serious sellers willstill set the asking price below a level that indicates disregard for currentmarket realities. Rather than communicating “this place is worth more than whatpeople are willing to pay,” overpricing only serves to needlessly put off buyersand their agents. If time pressure is an issue, experienced sellers will pegthe asking price just enough below neighborhood comparables to make the valueevident. Tagging “motivated buyer” on the listing can attract attention, butthe right price cuts to the chase. That’s a tactic bound to draw timelyoffers—especially when a Clinton Township property is in A+ showing condition, 

For most prospective Clinton Township buyers, it’s themirror image. Rather than starting from the reality of neighborhood comps, the pricingof their future home begins as an abstraction: the “looking” range. The top ofthe range will be a figure that is derived from what is comfortably affordablerather than what that figure will command in the current market. Once theserious house hunt is underway and some area properties have been visited, thattop-of-range number will almost always need some adjusting—usually (but notalways) upward. 

Thereafter, when some desirable Clinton Township propertieshave been located, pricing from the buyer’s perspective is apt to becomelargely an exercise in deconstruction. Even though a home is actuallydesirable, it’s hard to resist zeroing in on the property’s weak points,turning flaws into subtraction fodder for mental offer calculations. 

In a successful transaction, the mirror images of buyers’and sellers’ approaches to home pricing do ultimately wind up converging. That’sanother area where having a knowledgeableClinton Township Realtor®on your team is invaluable. When it comes to offers and counter-offers, whetheryou’re a buyer or seller, having your side of the negotiations handled by anexperienced professional is a sure way to keep the other side tethered toreality. Arriving at a bottom line reflecting realistic and lasting ClintonTownship real estate value is what most often winds up bringing both parties toa happy conclusion. The first step? You guessed it: call me!